Canon 5D Mark III Coming soon? or Canon 3D?


According to a rumor at Canon Rumors, Canon 5D Mark III wil be announced around the end of March or early April 2012 and will be available before the summer 2012. We don't have any information about the specs yet

In my opinion,  Canon will not stop manufacturing of 5D Mark II, instead they will introduce the new Canon 3D which will be a 30+MP camera with a semi-pro body and  5D Mark II will stay in the market for at least 2 years more. Canon limited the 1D series to 18MP and now needs a high MP DSLR to compete with the upcoming Nikon D800 and satisfy the MP lovers at the same time. But since 5D Mark II is selling like hot cakes, they will choose to have 5D Mark II and 3D at the same time and create a product differentiation. At least, I would choose this kind of strategy if I was Canon's marketing manager. Hey Canon, I know you are reading me, please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions...

Canon 5D Mark III

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